The 567 Center for Renewal Creates “Alley Canvases” in Downtown Macon

by Melissa Macker, Executive Director

The 567 Center for Renewal has established more safe places for graffiti and mural artists to practice their craft in the alleys of downtown Macon. Thanks to a Downtown Challenge Grant from the Community Foundation of Central Georgia, The 567 Center is installing 3 new graffiti walls.

The 567 Center created the first Graffiti Wall last summer to beautify downtown Macon while encouraging creativity and artistic pursuits. Anyone, whether professional artist or aspiring artist, is able to use the wall as a blank canvas to express themselves and create art. It also gives street artists a legal place to create art, without causing property damage for building owners.

Artist paints on first Graffiti Wall in downtown Macon

Artist paints on first Graffiti Wall in downtown Macon


“The first graffiti wall has been a great success,” said Melissa Macker, executive director of The 567. “Many people have used the wall as their canvas, and people walking by really enjoy seeing the art created on what would normally be a boring brick wall. Graffiti artists have been really respectful of the space, too. We haven’t seen anything inappropriate.”

Funding through the Downtown Challenge Grant has allowed The 567 Center to replicate this success in 3 new locations downtown. One of the goals of the grant was to improve use of underutilized spaces in downtown, such as alleys. The new Graffiti Walls will allow these alleys to become destinations of creative expression.

Mural on graffiti wall near The 567 Center

Mural on graffiti wall near The 567 Center


The 567 Center will celebrate the unveiling of the new Graffiti Walls on September 5 at 5 pm in Broadway Lane, near Tubman Museum. Spray paint will be available for anyone who wants to try out painting on the new wall.

The new Graffiti Walls are located at:

  • Broadway Lane near Cherry St, between Service Loan & Tax and Tubman Musuem

  • At the intersection of 3rd St Lane and Cherry St Ln, on the corner of the parking deck

  • Mulberry St Lane near Third Street