Help with your holiday shopping

by Victoria Phillips, Gallery Intern

Have you ever thought about buying a piece of art but you haven’t been quite sure how to go about it? Well here at the 567, we know that your time is valuable and sometimes you just can’t squeeze in enough time to stop by the gallery during our operating hours. We also know that you may have lots of questions concerning the media and the dimensions of the artwork that is available. With these things in mind, we have adapted our online gallery to fit your needs.

Panhandle, Dawn , Watercolor painting, Eric O’Dell, 10” x 13”

Panhandle, Dawn, Watercolor painting, Eric O’Dell, 10” x 13”


When creating our online gallery we were very intentional about what you, the buyer, might need to know. For each of our products, we have included the artist, medium, price, and sizes in the listing. We have also organized our products by prices, so if you are on a budget you can simply select your desired price range and the options that we have available in that price range will appear. We have created options for you to search through the work through price, medium, and artist!

Cosmic , Acrylic on canvas, Casie Trace, 36” x 48”

Cosmic, Acrylic on canvas, Casie Trace, 36” x 48”


As the holiday season approaches, please take a moment and check out the local artists that we have on exhibit through on our online gallery! There is no greater gift than offering something that is unique and made from the heart!