Call for Entries

You can also download the call as a printable PDF here.

Submissions are now being accepted for the 2nd Annual Macon Sculpture Walk, which opens November 16, 2019.  Artists are invited to submit images of completed work that will be installed on concrete pads throughout downtown Macon for a 12-month period.  Selected artists will receive a $1,500 stipend for each selected sculpture. If the artist lives more than 100 miles from Macon, they may also receive two nights’ accommodations. Selected artists will also be invited to the Sculpture Reception on November 16.

Submission Deadline- October 10, 2019

Announcement of selections- October 25, 2019

Installation Deadline-November 15, 2019

Sculpture Reception-November 16, 2019

Selection Criteria and Requirements

  • Artwork must be the original work of the Sculptor.

  • Artwork must be appropriate for public display.

  • Materials must be weather resistant, durable, and safe to the public.

  • Dimensions should be reflective of the installation sites.  A 4’ x 4’ x 6”concrete pad will be used to secure each sculpture to. Artists will be responsible for installation and for securing the sculpture to the concrete pad with screws/bolts.

  • The recommended minimum height for sculptures is 4’. For smaller sculptures, the artist may provide a base to display their sculpture on. The sculpture should be securely attached to the base, and the base must also be secured to the concrete pad.

  • Work must be available for the period of 1 year from the date of install.

  • The work will be judged based on the quality of work/ideas submitted (based on the photos provided by the artist), and craftsmanship. Preference will also be given to artists located in the Middle Georgia area.

  • The artwork will be made available for purchase, with Macon Sculpture Walk receiving a commission for any sculptures sold.

Insurance-   Macon Sculpture Walk will provide liability insurance from time of installation of sculptures through the time of take-down of sculptures.

Submission Requirements

  • Artists or artist teams may submit up to four pieces for consideration, but no more than one piece will be chosen from each artist or artist team.

  • Include at least two images of each piece showing different angles.

  • Include an annotated image list including the following information:

    • Title                                       

    • Dimensions (H x W x D)                               

    • Media

    • Price of work (Macon Sculpture Walk will receive a 25% commission on any sales)

    • Installation Requirements                            

    • Artist Resume

    • Statement about the artwork (its meaning, inspiration, or anything else you would like us to know)

  • All items submitted should be clearly labeled with the name of the artist or artist team.

  • Submissions by e-mail only.

Selection Process and Stipends

Macon Georgia sculpture Walk will review all submissions and selections will be voted on by a committee comprised of both artists and community members. Two alternate artists or artist teams will be selected in the event the selected artists are not able to accept their invitation to the show. Selected artists shall receive $1,500 stipend upon installation of the sculpture.

Email submissions to: